CES Wrap Up

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Well, that was crazy.

Going to the consumer electronics show (CES) in Las Vegas, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It has gained notoriety, particularly over the last few years, for its over-the-top flashy demos and exhibits.

Our company's name is Ynvisible. It implies a smooth and unobtrusive display functionality for everyday products. The whole point of Ynvisible is to put electronic display functionality into the *background* of people's lives, not overpower them with big tv screens. Needless to say, I was curious to see how we stacked up against more conventional, attention-grabbing electronics.

I was stunned.

Our booth was incredibly busy over the course of the show. It was extremely refreshing to see so many people's faces light up imagining all of the different applications possible with our technology and how it can help their business deliver a better product to their customers.

Since our electrochromic displays are activated with electricity, this electrical signal can be programmed, according to any specific conditions, to activate a display (above a certain temperature, after a specific time, etc.). This means the displays can be combined with any type of sensor (humidity, time, temperature, motion, etc.), and activated under practically any environmental condition. Even more information can be communicated through segmenting the displays.

It was this simple concept that caused so much excitement around our booth, and really captured the excitement of CES attendees.

We were able to discuss our technology with representatives of companies across the globe, who were extremely interested in the technology’s potential applications for things like smart home indicators, smart packaging, supply chain and logistics uses (healthcare, cannabis, military, fragile goods, etc.), anti-counterfeit and brand authentication applications, automotive, consumer product labels and many more.

In many ways it was very validating to see so much excitement and buzz around our technology. Our electrochromic displays enable electronic display functionality on virtually any object, as they can be produced economically at large volumes. This is a truly ground breaking capability and it was great to see so many people share that realization and appreciate the near limitless possibilities Ynvisible's displays can provide. There is no doubt that people being able to interact with the demos themselves made it much easier to appreciate what we can do. Seeing is believing! It gave me a kick to think that here was this company that makes passive, non light emitting indicators and we were capturing imaginations right up there with the flashier tech.

It was an incredible show with a lot of great conversations. We look forward to working closely with those we met at the show and to bring printed interactive printed graphics to the world!

2018 was a year of building up capability and working with a diverse set of clients to develop products. 2019 looks to be a year of Ynvisible reaching its potential and producing products to a diverse group of clients that share our vision for a future filled with electrochromic displays, easy on the eyes of course!

Thanks for reading,

Harry, on behalf of Ynvisible’s team

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