Ynvisible and Partners Collaborate to Introduce Printed EC to Designers of Consumer Products

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Consortium including Ynvisible awarded $10.7M over four years to empower creative industries to design and build aesthetically pleasing practical human interfaces for smart consumer goods

Vancouver, British Columbia--(Newsfile Corp. - March 20, 2018) - Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (TSXV: YNV) ("Ynvisible" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that in partnership with a consortium of 14 European partner companies and research institutions it has kicked off a project to enhance the integration of printed electrochromics ("EC") into consumer products at the level of the product design community.

The project, codenamed DecoChrom (for "Decorative Applications for Self-Organized Molecular Electrochromic Systems") has been granted up to €6.68M ($10.7M) from the European Union's Horizon 2020 program over four years under the call topic "Advanced materials and innovative design for improved functionality and aesthetics in high added value consumer goods".

Ynvisible has a $1.60M project budget for DecoChrom with an EU contribution of $1.12M.

DecoChrom's primary objective is to technologically elevate printed graphics products into the age of interactivity. The multidisciplinary consortium brings together state-of-the-art leaders in design, chemistry, printing, coatings and laminates, and electronics integration, to ynvisible's offering of complete printed electrochromics solutions. DecoChrom's mission is to bring ultra low-power interactive graphics solutions for smart consumer products to print industry compatibility and generally accepted standards of mass production.

Technologically, the project will advance EC material properties and EC film integration into a widening range of high value-added consumer goods. Manufacturing integration onto paper, high-pressure laminates, and durable 3D plastic parts will also be developed from prototyping through to industrial scale capability. DecoChrom will also deliver toolkits for both designer-developers and the printing industry to facilitate the penetration of ECs in new product creation. The design community will be engaged and inspired with the possibilities of EC displays through inspirational prototypes created by the project team and a series of hands-on workshops. More than 20 creative industry lead end-user prototypes will be designed and produced in the areas of furniture, interior design, lifestyle and sports. To that end, DecoChrom's Industrial Advisory Board consists of global brand leaders in the furniture, toy, sports equipment, automotive, and kitchen & garden appliances industries, plus companies in the printed and structural electronics sector.

DecoChrom is co-ordinated by the University of Lapland, Finland. Principal investigator, Prof. Jonna Häkkilä sees great cultural, economic and societal impacts for printed electrochromics, "For centuries printing and printed materials have been at the heart of communication and self-expression. Graphics and colour continue to shape our cultural identities. It is a universal means of expression. With printed electrochromics, we are creating a new paradigm of printed graphics products that include interactivity. This is supported by a toolset that empowers creative industries to build and integrate aesthetically engaging human interfaces to smart products and living environments."

Ynvisible brought together the DecoChrom consortium and has a major role in the collaborative effort through its European subsidiary YD Ynvisible, S.A. "Our company is commercializing printed electrochromics as the face of the Internet of Things," says Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, CEO of Ynvisible Interactive Inc. "As an EU co-funded initiative, DecoChrom will greatly increase awareness and understanding of printed electrochromics as a source of new product innovations. This collaborative effort advances printed electrochromics integration into consumer products and will help drive the paradigm shift toward printed interactive graphics," added Kuusisto.

About the DecoChrom project

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 760973.

For more information on the DecoChrom project see www.decochrom.eu

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