ynvisible displays used in clothing design showcased at Milan Design Week 2016

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Paula Roinesalo and Lasse Virtanen, from the University of Lapland, Finland, showcased a design that uses an ynvisible display at Milan Design Week 2016.

Paula, Lasse and other researchers from the University of Lapland are currently working on the Naked Approach Project (Nordic perspective to gadget-free hyperconnected environments; http://nakedapproach.fi/), a vision-driven project towards a significant paradigm shift in the relationship between humans/users and the digital world: a change from a gadget­-centric to a user-centric, gadget-free “Naked” ­digital interface. The project consortium is composed of several Finnish research institutions, including VTT and different universities (http://nakedapproach.fi/consortium/). The Solar Shirt, created by the University of Lapland, utilizes an ynvisible electrochromic display integrated as part of a couture clothing design. According to Lasse: “The level of ambient sound is indicated by changes in the pattern displayed. The piece aims to reflect the values of the arctic region, via its use of natural materials, such as reindeer hide, and its emphasis on the silence of the arctic environment.”

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