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Ink kit

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The electrochromic Ink Kit is intended for industrial and academic R&D groups, as well as professional designers, who are interested in learning about electrochromics and its potential applications. ​

The Ink Kit can be used for prototyping and small volume projects and is not intended to be used in industrial settings or for commercialization/resale/redistribution purposes

Successful use of the kit assumes basic knowledge in printing and electronics, and access to screen printing capabilities, heat and UV curing equipment.

Datasheets and Guides
Included in the Ink kit:


  • Silver ink 150g
  • Electrochromic ink 200g
  • Ynvisible Electrolyte 200g


  • PET, 125µm 40 A4 sheets
  • PET-ITO, 125µm, 40 A4 sheets


  • Bi-adhesive spacer, 220µm, 40 A4 sheets ​


  • Ink kit introduction and material
  • MSDS ​
  • Display samples
  • Booklet with vertical and co-planar structure
  • Vertical display sample Co-planar display sample

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