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Investor Financial Update

investor webinar on Thursday, September 16th, 2021, at 10:30 a.m. PT/ 1:30 p.m. ET / 7:30 p.m. CET

The webinar will feature CEO Michael Robinson, who will update the Company’s operations and outline Ynvisible's accomplishments, the business perspective around these accomplishments, and what to anticipate from Ynvisible and management going forward.

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Google • L'Oréal • ARM • Carrier • Kao • Nagase • Oppo • Smith & Nephew • CCL • Panasonic • Eli Lilly • Cavu • Essilor


Approaching the nanowatt power era. Ideal for battery-driven or battery-less IoT devices.

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We have seen enough ugly segmented LCDs and LEDs. The time has come to try something more visually appealing. Experiment with different shapes, forms, and colors.

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Cost-effective production

Choosing our displays will reduce cost at both the component level and the system level. Roll-to-roll screen-printing processes mean ultra-low-cost mass production.

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“With the TempSafe Electrocard, we now expand our solutions offering with a temperature measuring electronic smart-label, a fully customizable time/temperature indicator solution, that can achieve sub-zero temperatures, as well as visually indicate Above and Below thresholds with Ynvisible´s electrochromic displays."

Tony Fonk
CEO at SpotSee


"We are very pleased to be able to join forces with Ynvisible to fuel the development of our digital sensor labels. After recent breakthroughs with our sensors, we are now ready to take the next step to produce a prototype, and we believe Ynvisible to be the optimal partner for this because of their experience and cutting-edge technology within printed displays and electronics."

Erik Månsson
CEO at Innoscentia


"Our clients are waiting for the first deliveries of the Mimbox. We will start industrial-scale production after the upcoming pilots. We've already found Ynvisible to be a great partner and value their services in design, system integration, prototyping through to production of the displays."

Isabella Palmgren
CEO at Mimbly

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Ynvisible Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit

€ 190 EUR
  • 13 displays, 10 unique designs
  • Manual display driver including 3V battery
  • Arduino compatible driver with I2C interface
  • Pinhead-to-ZIF/FPC-connector
  • Instructions and support
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