Upscaling Partner and Contract Manufacturer

Ynvisible Production AB in Linköping, Sweden, is helping companies with upscaling and manufacturing services for a wide range of printed electronics solutions. With decades of experience in the printed electronics industry, we possess strong know-how and expertise on how to go from lab to fab, with all problem solving it entails. We offer cost-competitive roll-to-roll production, including printing, conversion, and quality testing, according to your needs.

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Roll-to-roll capabilities

Screen Printing & Coating

Up to 30 m/min rotary printing and coating with down to 100 µm tolerances.


Roll-to-roll slitting, cutting, and lamination

materials and substrates

Great versatility with both plastic and paper substrates and functional and graphical inks

quality assurance

Automated electrical and optical roll-to-roll testing

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Ynvisible helped Epishine scale up production

“Ynvisible Production has been instrumental in our journey from lab-scale prototypes to mass-produced products, thanks to their extensive experience and knowledge in printing upscaling and design for manufacturing.”

Anna Björklou, CEO at Epishine

Roll-to-Roll Printing
305 mm roll-width, 1000m length. Rotary screen-printing and gravure print

Conversion & Slitting
Lamination/slitting up to 60 m/min

Testing & quality control
Automatic roll-to-roll electrical testing of efficiency for each device