Production line - Ynvisible
From idea to mass production


Ynvisible offers its services throughout the entire process; from R&D projects and the prototyping phase, to mass production printed electrochromic displays and product soutions.


Ynvisible's volume production unit, Ynvisible Production, was developed for cost-effective and quality-controlled roll-to-roll production of electrochromic displays. Ynvisible Production is also a full service contract manufacturer for a variety of printed electronics applications.

Roll-to-roll capacity:

  • Printing and coating
  • Cutting, slitting, lamination
  • Quality control
  • Electrical and optical testing
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Prototype Production

Our sheet-to-sheet screen printing process enables rapid prototyping with great flexibility. We will provide support throughout the entire prototyping process with design for mass production in mind.

Want to produce customized segment displays?

  • 2500 EUR per display design
  • 10-50 units (size dependent)
  • Experiment with shapes and colors
  • Fast delivery
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R&D and Solutions

The possibilities with electrochromic materials are close to endless. We have extensive experience in electrochromism and printed electronics. With our large collection of electrochromic materials, each with its own unique properties, we innovate on a daily basis.

  • Product development
  • Printed electronics development
  • System solutions
  • Material and ink development
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Ynvisible produces proprietary ink formulations and develops processes for scalable production of electrochromic displays. Licensing and technology transfer is a part of our strategy and business model. Please contact us for more information and pricing.