Frequently asked questions

What colours are available?

Blue is available for multi-use applications. Black is available for single-use applications. Other colours are under development and will be available in the future.

What materials can ynvisible's inks be printed on?

ynvisible's inks can be printed on several different plastics (PET, PET-G, PEN, Fiberglass, PP and others) and specialty papers. The most common substrate used to produce EC displays is PET. If you have a need to print ynvisible's EC inks onto a different substrate please let us know and we'll be happy to assist.

Can graphics be created?

Yes, graphics can be created. The level of detail is dependent on the specific inks and production methods used.

Are addressable matrix displays possible?

Currently, only pre-patterned images and segmented displays are available.

What is the lifetime of EC displays?

The shelf life of printed electrochromics can be several years. The number of activations can go up to tens or hundreds of thousands of times. Operational lifetime varies depending on the casing/packaging and usage conditions of the end application.

Are the displays bistable?

ynvisible's displays are not fully bistable but have optical memory, which depends on the ink set used. The optical memory can go up to several hours, which means that an activated image can be retained with a very minute charge without significant drain to the power source.

What are the power requirements?

Power requirements: Voltage: 1 - 3V Consumption: 0,002mW/cm²

What temperature ranges do the displays operate in?

Functional range is between –20°C and 120°C. Conditions outside of this range require additional testing.

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