Ynvisible offers custom and standard format e-paper displays suitable for digital signage and public information displays.

  • Cost-Effective E-Paper Solution
  • Highly Customizable
  • Ultra-Low-Power
  • Full Solution Provider
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Why ynvisible e-paper signage?

Cost effective

Low-cost alternative to traditional e-paper technologies


Custom signage, communiaction interfaces, and powering options


Ultra-low-power technology suitable for off-the-grid applications

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Standard e-paper modules for digital signage

digit and alphanumeric printed e-paper for digital signage

Medium to large format seven segment e-paper displays for digital signage. A more cost-effective alternative to other e-paper technologies. Ynvisible's technology is ultra-low-power and has an image memory which enables off-the-grid use-cases for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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dot matrix printed e-paper for digital signage

Dot matrix e-paper displays enables more dynamic content, including various symbols, digits, and letters.

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Custom digital signage solutions

Simple and Rapid Prototyping Process

Printed e-paper are highly customizable and we can make digital signage in almost any size and shape, either as a display module or a full solution.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Submit your design

Get started by submitting a specification of how you want your display to look. We recommend reading our display design guide if you would like to make the design yourself, or you can simply leave it to our design team at no additional cost.


Design Review and Optimization

A few design iterations may be needed to make sure that everything is in order before moving on to production. Our design team will make optimization suggestions.


Production and Delivery

When we have received your final design approval, we produce the display prototypes within a few weeks.

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