Printed E-Paper Enables New Cost-Effective Display Applications

Ynvisible offers solutions for a variety of markets, including smart monitoring labels, digital signage, authenticity & security, and retail.

Digital Signage

Ynvisible’s large format e-paper displays are ideal for public information displays and digital signage, particularly off the grid applications. Our technology is a more cost-effective alternative to other large format reflective display technologies. We offer standard panels and customized solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.

Printed E-paper displays - the more cost-effective e-paper choice.
Smart label on dosis

Smart Monitoring Labels

Cost-effective, energy-efficient, lightweight, and thin, Ynvisible’s monitoring labels are bringing increased visibility and transparency in cold chain & logistics monitoring, inventory & storage monitoring, and various industry 4.0 smart labels.

Authenticity & Security

Counterfeit and pirated products is a global issue and materially dilute brand value. Ynvisible’s proprietary technology is close to impossible to copy or replicate, which makes it an ideal solution for authenticity and brand protection. Our displays are compatible with NFC technology which also opens up opportunities for extended user engagement and additional security features.

Retail signage & labels

The printed e-paper displays from Ynvisible are a low-cost alternative to traditional e-paper technology. Substituting traditional signage with a digital version avoids manual and expensive signage replacement. Customized electronic shelf labels, promotional signage, large format price and discount signs are just a few examples of how Ynvisible’s e-paper displays can be used by retailers. Ynvisible offers customized and branded retail signage and smart labels based on printed electronics solutions.

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Evaluation kit

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€ 85 EUR
  • 13 displays, 10 unique designs
  • Manual display driver including 1.5V battery
  • Arduino compatible driver with I2C interface
  • Pinhead-to-ZIF/FPC-connector
  • Instructions and support
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Custom display prototypes

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Starting at
€ 3,500 EUR
Ynvisible’s segmented displays can be customized with a high degree of freedom. We manufacture displays with different sizes, shapes, and colors tailored for your specific application.
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