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Ynvisible and Hive-Zox Announce Innovative Smart Label for Real-Time Monitoring of Pharma Products in Supply Chains

June 23, 2024

Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (the “Company” or “Ynvisible”) (TSX-V: YNV, FSE: 1XNA, OTCQB: YNVYF), a leading provider of printed low-power e-paper display products, is pleased to announce a strategic collaboration with Hive-Zox, a Swiss-based company providing supply-chain digitalization solutions for visibility and real-time monitoring. Ynvisible’s printed e-paper displays will be integrated into a new, compact, smart label designed for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipment monitoring. Hive-Zox anticipates scaling the solution to over 1 million units annually.

Key Highlights:

Launch of ConnectedLabel: Hive-Zox has launched a new cost-effective, automated monitoring smart label solution, the ConnectedLabel, for pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments, to the market.

Ynvisible's E-Paper Displays: Ynvisible's thin, flexible, cost-effective e-paper displays were selected as the ideal visual interface for the smart label solution, for their compact design and low power consumption.

Advanced Logistics: The integration of Ynvisible’s e-paper displays into the ConnectedLabel solution marks an important progress for Ynvisible in the smart labels space, with volumes potentially achieving more than 1 million units in 2025.

ConnectedLabel for supply chain real-time temperature monitoring, with integrated Ynvisible e-paper display

Transforming Supply Chain Monitoring

Hive-Zox offers connected Monitoring as a Service (cMaaS), a complete Real-Time Visibility platform for global supply chains, from end-to-end, at product level. Hive-Zox has recently announced a new smart label product, the ConnectedLabel, through which they provide a cost-effective automated monitoring solution of pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments and delivery.

For this product, Hive-Zox was searching for a compact, ultra-thin, highly flexible display to seamlessly integrate into their advanced tracking labels. Ynvisible’s cutting-edge printed e-paper displays perfectly met the customer’s needs because they are slim, ultra-low power and reflective, serving as a dynamic interface and delivering real-time feedback, without escalating costs.

"When designing our ConnectedLabel, low power consumption, thinness, and cost were all crucial factors for achieving a truly long-lasting smart label. Ynvisible's leading role in innovative e-paper displays made them the ideal partner for us. We have established a strong partnership and look forward to building on it in the future," said Charles Bourbonnais, CEO and Founder of Hive-Zox.
“In the demanding fields of pharmaceutical and healthcare delivery, maintaining optimal environmental conditions is vital for product safety. This smart label innovation takes cold chain logistics into a more sophisticated, data-driven era of real-time monitoring and control” said Diogo Cunha, Business Development Associate of Ynvisible.

The integration of Ynvisible’s printed e-paper displays into supply chain real-time monitoring solutions is a good example of a promising application for using Ynvisible’s displays in smart label applications. Printed e-paper displays can visually convey critical information, in real time, and are a more convenient, accurate and user-friendly solution than current analogue solutions, while being highly energy efficient and more sustainable than other competing digital solutions. In addition to emitting visual alerts when a product is exposed to certain conditions during transport and logistics, other applications for smart labels include showing real-time product information and product usage conditions, in markets including Retail, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Medical and Pharma. The estimated near-term market potential for Ynvisible's displays in smart labels is, therefore, significant, serving a wide range of industries that demand simple and energy-efficient visual interfaces.

About Hive-Zox

Hive-Zox offers connected Monitoring as a Service (cMaaS), a complete Real-Time Visibility platform for global supply chains, from end-to-end, at product level; tracking, identifying, and monitoring environmental conditions of transportation and storage from first mile to last mile and everything in between, 24/7. Hiv Zox’s cMaaS is a full stack solution incorporating next generation Mobile-IoT networks to offer an automated and seamless approach to monitoring products and shipments. An all-inclusive, low cost solution that provides immediate actionable information to help clients reduce costs, reduce waste, guarantee products, and ensure public safety. Additional information on Hive- Zox is available at www.hive-zox.com.

About Ynvisible

Ynvisible is disrupting the low-cost and ultra-low-power display industry thanks to the latest advantages in sustainable electronics and roll-to-roll printing production. Ynvisible's printed e-paper displays are ideal for low-power and cost-sensitive applications, such as digital signage, smart monitoring labels, authenticity and security, and retail labels and signage. Ynvisible has the experience, know-how, and intellectual property in electrochromic materials, inks, and systems and offers a mix of services, materials, and technology to brand owners developing smart objects and IoT products. Additional information on Ynvisible is available at www.ynvisible.com.

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