Ultra-low-power color e-paper displays

There are unlimited design options with Ynvisible’s new generation color displays. Create inspiring user experiences with cost-effective and ultra-low-power displays!

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How it works

Thanks to highly flexible, cost-effective screen-printing processes, Ynvisible can add your preferred color to our e-paper Segmented Display without the need for new chemicals, processes, or qualification steps.

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Step 1: ynvisible's display

The color displays are a natural evolution of Ynvisible's e-paper Segment Display. They have the same performance and specification, but in your preferred color.

STEP 2: pick your color

We have a collection of standard colors, but you can also pick your specific color.

STEP 3: make prototypes

Make custom color display prototypes. We charge a fixed fee of 3.500 EUR

Let’s get started

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Custom display prototypes

Already made up your mind? Let’s make custom prototypes

Starting at
€ 2,500 EUR
Ynvisible’s segmented displays can be customized with a high degree of freedom. We manufacture displays with different sizes, shapes, and colors tailored for your specific application.
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