Rapid prototyping

From sketch to delivery in a few weeks

Cost effective

Fixed fee of 3.500 EUR for customized display prototypes

Design support

We help you throughout the entire design process

How it works

Simple and Rapid Prototyping Process

Our standardized prototyping offer was made to make it easy to get started with your specific display design. Submit your display design, the Ynvisible team will make sure that it follows our design rules, and we will produce the prototypes within a few weeks.


Submit your design

Get started by submitting a specification of how you want your display to look. We recommend reading our display design guide if you would like to make the design yourself, or you can simply leave it to our design team at no additional cost.


Design Review and Optimization

A few design iterations may be needed to make sure that everything is in order before moving on to production. Our design team will make optimization suggestions


Production and Delivery

When we have received your final design approval, we produce the display prototypes within a few weeks.

Success story

Innoscentia and Mimbly are two of our many clients that have used our prototyping services to cost-effectively develop a display design that fulfills their visual interface requirements. The display is also optimized for mass production.

Are you ready
to get started?

We reduce the barriers to prototype with electrochromic displays. Try our standardized offer and make prototypes with your own display design. We charge a fixed fee of 3.500 EUR.

Planning meeting in Ynvisible
€ 2500

per display design

  • 10-50 units (size dependent)
  • Experiment with shapes and colors
  • Fast delivery
Planning meeting in Ynvisible
€ 3500

per display design

  • 10-50 units (size dependent)
  • Experiment with shapes and colors
  • Fast delivery

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