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Smart Expiry Date Label

December 1, 2020

Innoscentia has chosen Ynvisible's displays for its dynamic expiry date labels on food packages. Instead of static expiry date estimations on the packages, Innoscentia has developed materials that combine with the Ynvisible display, enabling real-time quality monitoring of the food. This solution aims to reduce food waste significantly and detect spoiled food in time, even before the expiry date.


Besides choosing Ynvisible's display technology, Innoscentia is currently using Ynvisible's R&D services for the label development, including system design and adapting the sensor for large scale production with printing processes.




Innoscentia is a Swedish developer of dynamic sensor labels with the ability to measure food status in real-time. Currently, vast amounts of food goto waste because of static expiry dates, and Innoscentias labels aim to unlock the lost shelf life of food products to help decrease this unnecessary waste.The labels also create possibilities for traceability solutions and connection to digital platforms to trace products from farm to fork, a rapidly growing trend within the food industry. Additional information on Innoscentia AB is available at www.innoscentia.com

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