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What Is Electrochromic Display Technology?

January 27, 2021
Electrochromic displays are a rapidly emerging e-paper technology in the field of visual interfaces owing to their design versatility and cost-effective production. Technological innovations in the field have led to the development of flexible, printable displays with high impact visual contrast.

This technology is ideal for use in smart labels, consumer electronics, logistics monitoring, medical devices, smart cards, and retail and point of service applications. Electrochromic technology has already been implemented in the automotive and aviation industries.

Electrochromic E-Paper Displays Are Enabling New Applications

Electrochromic e-paper displays is a reflective display technology which can fulfil all the basic functionalities of present technologies, such as LCD, LED, and electrophoretic displays, while introducing unique features such as their thinness, flexibility and low power consumption. This not only makes them an ideal alternative for existing technologies, but also enables a whole new range of applications for visual interfaces.

Electrochromism and basic principles

The term ‘Electrochromism’ refers to the phenomenon whereby a material undergoes a physical color change in response to an electrical stimulus. Electrochromic displays are produced by printing thin layers of these materials with high-performance electrolytes into a flexible ‘electrochromic stack’. When a voltage is applied to the electrochromic material in the presence of the electrolyte, it undergoes chemical oxidation and reduction. These processes are associated with a color change which can be finely tuned. The final displays are as thin as 200 µm and flexible enough to curve around a pencil.

Ultra low power, easy to integrate, and cost-effective

These devices have the advantage of being ultra-energy efficient making them a sustainable alternative to traditional display technologies. One coin cell battery can power an electrochromic display for as long as 50 years. The low voltage and current requirements of electrochromic technology also allow for easy integration with a broad range of power sources and drivers, such as printed batteries, organic photovoltaics, and wireless charging.

The displays operate in the microwatt power regime and require as little as 1.5V to 3V operating voltage

Ynvisible’s proprietary ink formulations are compatible with screen printing, sheet-to-sheet, and roll-to-roll production. These high-volume production capabilities make electrochromic displays a preferred cost-effective solution, and the printability of these displays afford designers and brands a high degree of creative freedom.

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