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Ynvisible x Fortech: Using e-paper in large outdoor signs to showcase daily prices in gas stations

May 2, 2024

Fortech, Italy’s leading provider of bespoke solutions for the fuel retail sector, entrusted Ynvisible with a major project, that Ynvisible has successfully delivered. The company faced a rigorous timeline for the project to be executed and redirected its efforts to meet the requirements of the plan. The know-how gained throughout the years, together with the incredible hard work of Ynvisible’s team prevailed, and Fortech is now using  Ynvisible’s displays in their PriceLink product in hundreds of locations.  

Who is Fortech?

Established in 2006, Fortech is an Italian-based company focused on the petrol distribution business. It provides customized solutions to enhance the operational value of single service stations, fuel retail networks, and large petrol companies. Fortech is on a mission to modernize traditional service stations into smart ones, which can be managed remotely to monitor real-time data. These fueling stations leverage advanced technology to optimize the customer experience, by incorporating a mobile app that can be accessed by clients to check gas prices, tank levels, mobile payments, etc.  

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What is the application?

Ynvisible developed a solution for Fortech’s price signs – PriceLink - for gas stations, which features large e-paper displays that show the price of each fuel offered in the station. These displays can be automatically updated to present the most recent gas price for travelers driving on the road, thanks to the technology’s reflective feature, which allows long-distance perceptibility from different angles. Furthermore, Ynvisible’s displays are designed to resist various weather conditions, like rain, wind, and high temperatures. This project resulted in the production of 25.000 displays.

Why did Fortech choose Ynvisible?

To comply with net-zero emissions policies fixed by the Italian government, Fortech had to rethink and adapt its processes to offer more sustainable and less resource demanding solutions. Ynvisible’s displays ultra-low-power and non-ITO composition fitted the criteria like a glove. The printed electrochromic e-paper technology significantly reduces the amount of power consumed, compared to the displays that Fortech previously used. What is more, Ynvisible’s manufacturing capabilities ensured that a large-scale solution would be feasible, after a fast prototyping process. Another reason why Ynvisible’s displays were the optimal choice concerns its customizable characteristic, which enabled Fortech to design a display that seamlessly blended into the company’s current infrastructure.

We explored electrophoretic e-paper, which was prohibitively expensive, reflective LCDs failed in sunlight legibility and were too bulky, while LED solutions consumed too much power. – Roberto Dellavalle, Fortech Business Development Manager

In conclusion, this partnership stands as a remarkable testament to the power of innovation, determination, and strategic vision, and it will continue throughout 2024 and beyond. Ynvisible wants to sediment its presence as a low-power signage provider, and this was the kick-off of this valuable journey.

To explore potential applications of e-paper in large digital outdoor signage, please contact us.  

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