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Digital road signs: easing the growing pains in the EV market

April 1, 2022

Exevio engaged Ynvisible to produce a digital e-paper road sign that informs the availability of EV charging stations.

e-paper road sign

Who are Exevio?

Exevio is a digital solutions firm with a focus on quality, execution and implementation of modern technologies.

What was the problem they were trying to solve?

With the electric vehicle market growing at a staggering rate, a growing issue is the lack of EV chargers on the road causing charging stations to be congested.

The problem was that when an individual arrives at an EV charging station to charge their car, they would find the chargers occupied and the only way to know if a stall was available was to use a mobile app while driving, endangering yourself and others.

What was the solution?

The solution to this problem was the implementation of digital road signs on critical locations such as significant intersections, parking entrances or above the EV stations themselves. This would allow drivers to be informed of the availability of the charging stations, thereby lowering the need to use a smartphone while driving.

digital road signs

What were Exevio’s requirements?

The digital road sign needed to be extremely low power, energy independent and send out geo-location data in order to be sustainable and autonomous on the open road. It also needed to satisfy road safety laws and emit minimum visual stimuli to prevent distraction when driving, whilst also looking like a traditional traffic sign.

Why Exevio chose Ynvisible for their digital signage

Ivan Jokic, chief electrical engineer at Exevio said:

Ivan Jokic

“We saw an opportunity to use electronic paper displays to achieve sustainability and autonomy. We needed a classic but new take on a sign for EV charging stations and engaged Ynvisible to produce this for us.”

“Ynvisible has an interesting take on e-paper technology – their display is able to show numbers, use low amounts of energy, easy to implement, and easy to repair and replace, enabling our product to have a low environment impact. Fast production at low cost; and the ability to implement our own custom design also played a key role in choosing Ynvisible. For the sign we needed, there was simply no use for classic EPD (such as E-ink).’”

  Ynvisible Electrophoretic (e.g. E ink) LED

Ultra Low Power  


Low Cost  


Consider using Ynvisible for your digital signage

Ynvisible e-paper displays are ultra-low power, low cost, robust and energy independent – the perfect solution for digital signage that has low switching requirements. Read more about our digital signage solutions where you can find additional resources. You can also buy our e-paper display kit which allows you to test out the full capabilities for yourself.

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