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5 Reasons to use Electrochromic E-Paper Displays

February 24, 2021
Electrochromic e-paper displays (ECD’s) fulfil the basic functionalities of present technologies, such as LCD, LED, and E-ink, while also introducing additional unique features. Here are 5 reasons why you should be using our Segmented electrochromic displays as your preferred display technology.

1. Ultra-Low Power

Ynvisible’s Segmented e-paper electrochromic displays are ultra-low power. They can be activated using a variety of power sources including coin cell batteries, printed batteries, organic photovoltaics, and wireless charging with as little as 1.5V.

The energy required for one switch is only 1mJ/cm2. For static content, the power required is less than 1 µW/cm2.

Image Retention without Power

Electrochromic e-paper displays have an optical memory effect, similar to E-ink and Memory-In-Pixel LCD displays. This means that the displays only require energy when they are changing their image. Ynvisible’s Segmented electrochromic displays are “semi-bistable” and can retain their image for hours before fading. An analysis of the power consumption shows that electrochromic displays are more energy efficient than E-Ink and Reflective LCD’s for most use cases.

2. Low Cost

Ynvisible is the world leader in Sheet-to-Sheet and Roll-to-Roll production of ECD e-paper technology. These high volume production methods, in addition to cost-effective materials sourcing, drive down the cost of individual displays while maintaining high production yield, rapid through-puts peed, and premium quality. Choosing Ynvisible’s Segmented technology will reduce cost at both the component level and the system level.

Lower Component Cost

Ynvisible offers a low-cost alternative to E ink displays and even reflective segmented LCDs, which have historically been the most inexpensive display technology on the market. The key driver for the low price point is low-cost production techniques with high volume capabilities.

The screen-printing techniques used on our production line require less capital investment, energy, tooling costs, and material waste compared to vacuum deposition and chemical vapor deposition processes used for other display technologies.

The displays are produced on inexpensive PET substrates, and the rapid growth of the printed electronics industry has resulted in an economy of scale for the functional inks that are used to produce the displays.

Lower System Cost

Using an ultra-low power consumption display which is easy to integrate with no or little extra driver electronics will save cost on a system level. Many of our clients have been able to reduce or completely remove their existing power supply by choosing our Segmented displays.

3. Design Customization & Appearance


Ynvisible rarely creates standard display components. Our philosophy is that each product requires a unique display for an ultimate user experience.

The printability of ECD’s ensures that customers can attain a degree of customization that is not available from alternative display technologies. This creates an attractive appearance that is highly appreciated by both product designers and end-users.

Flexible Display Segment Design

Display segments can be designed in essentially any shape and form. Letters, symbols, numbers, and graphics elements are all possible.

Colors and Graphic Overlays

Color filters and other static graphic elements can easily be printed on top of the display. The graphic overlay is commonly used to add graphics that should always be visible and complement the dynamic display segments.

Cut-out Shapes

Most conventional displays are bulky rectangle shapes. This is not the case for Ynvisible Displays. Essentially any cut-out shape is possible, whatever fits your product the best.

Want to create custom designed displays? Read more about our cost-effective offer to make customized displays or  contact sales@ynvisible

4. Easy Integration

The low power requirements, flexible form factor and design customization make Ynvisible’s ECD technology easy to integrate with simple drivers for almost any application.

5. Flexible Formfactor

Segmented displays developed by Ynvisble are fully printable and processable onto flexible substrates. The full electrochromic stack is only 0.2mm and is flexible enough to  wrap around the diameter of a pencil. This physical flexibility expands the range of surfaces and objects where interactive displays can be used.

The flexible displays can be used together with other printed and thin components, such as flexible printed circuit boards, printed batteries and printed antennas for smart label solutions.

How to get started?

To explore how this technology can meet you emerging needs, check out the Segmented Display Kit in our Online Shop, or contact Sales@ynvisible.com to learn more.

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