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Making Things Alive Webinar Series: Webinar 3-Bridging Industry Needs with Printed Electronics Design, Prototyping, and Volume Production

June 29, 2020

Printed electronics is rapidly emerging as a key enabler for bringing everyday objects and surfaces to life. Product developers and designers - and anyone else who wants to get their hands on printed electronics technologies - the 3rd webinar in the “Making Things Alive” series is specifically for you. Learn more about the potential impacts of printed electronics and how you can start with your own design and prototyping. With speakers fromMaterial Connexion, Electroninks, and Ynvisible in this session you’ll see what services, tools and kits are already available for you and the routes to industrial-scale manufacture.


Host: Tommy Höglund, VP Sales & Marketing, Ynvisible

Speakers in order of talks:

  • Andrew Dent, PhD, Executive Vice President, Material Research, Material ConneXion
  • Brett Walker, PhD, CEO & Co-Founder, Electroninks
  • Jarno Vehmas, Head of Design, Ynvisible"Everything You Need to Get Started with Printed Electrochromics”

+ afterword by Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, CEO, Ynvisible

Click to watch recording of this webinar

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