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Ynvisible at Advanced Engineering

January 2, 2023

The Advanced Engineering conference is a two-day event focused on product development and procurement in the manufacturing industry. It's concurrent with the Swedish Electronics Trade Association, and will take place on April 19-20, 2023 at Prioritet Serneke Arena in Gothenburg, Sweden. Ynvisible will be in booth H:18.

This specialized conference is the only one of its kind and brings together professionals working on new and existing products, covering topics such as design, materials selection, component sourcing, and electronics. Industrial Sweden is invited to attend this event and learn about the latest advancements in product development and purchasing within the manufacturing industry.

The team from Ynvisible Production AB will attend to speak about how they are helping companies with upscaling and manufacturing services for a wide range of printed electronics solutions. They will also showcase Ynvisible's latest printed e-paper products and solutions.

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Linda Robinson - General Manager Ynvisible Production AB


+4679-585 73 75

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