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Ynvisible Displays now available on Digikey and the Arduino Store

September 24, 2021
Electronics engineers and enthusiasts alike can now buy Ynvisible displays in several online marketplaces, improving market accessibility to electrochromic display technology.

Digikey has the largest collection of electronics components available for immediate shipping. They are one of the primary go-to places to source electronics components. Ynvisible’s North American distributor, Display Logic, has made the Segment Display Kit available in Digikey’s online marketplace to reach out to a larger group of clients and make sure electronics engineers around the globe can get their hands on the electrochromic displays and try out its unique advantages. 

Arduino does not need an introduction in the hardware space. They have developed an open-source easy-to-use electronics platform that is widely used by both electronics professionals and the Do-It-Yourself community. Ynvisible’s Segment Display Kit is now readily available to purchase in Arduino’s Store, inviting all makers to co-develop innovative solutions using Ynvisible displays and the Arduino platform.

Selling the existing Segment Display kit through various distributors is just the first step to making Ynvisible’s displays more available for a wider audience. As a next step, Ynvisible intends to develop 7-segment displays, bar graphs, and other standard layouts as components. What display design would you like to see as a standard component? Contact sales@ynvisible.com with your input.

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