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Unlimited Design Options With Ynvisible’s New Color Displays

September 11, 2021

Ynvisible’s electrochromic display technology is now available in a multitude of color options. This is an important step to create the inspiring user experiences industries are looking for without needing to rely on power-hungry and expensive displays. It creates a low-power budget-friendly color display option that many different sectors can utilize and produce at mass. A unique offering for reflective displays, which tend to be monochromatic.

Ynvisible color displays
“As a product designer, I don’t want to be limited with only one color option. The display is one of the primary interaction points with our consumers, and we want to make sure that the display color is consistent with the overall product and our brand identity.”

Lead Product Experience Designer from a Global Tech Company

A major automotive customer came to Ynvisible asking for color changing solutions.  That exploration inspired Ynvisible to push their technology further and create user-driven solutions that could be color-matched to a brand while providing the same interactive and intuitive visual display functionality. 

The monochrome display market was 110 million USD in 2019*, which is less than 1% of the overall display market size including color displays**. Ynvisible is tapping into a significantly larger market with their new colorful displays.

“Colors will add another intuitive dimension to the visual feedback our displays provide, while also creating possibilities to match the tone of the displays with the product casing or the corporate brand identity.”

Michael Robinson, Ynvisible CEO

The automotive industry is one area Ynvisible has seen interest in color displays, however, customer electronics, toys and accessories offer others markets they can tap into, with a focus on highly interactive, fun experiences.

Read more about color displays and how to order Ynvisible’s custom-designed displays in your color.

How to get started

Ynvisible has developed a new Designer Kit containing displays in different colors in playful shapes and forms. Users can try the designer kit to explore displays with different forms, colors, and cut-out shapes. It comes with an easy-to-use driver that has pre-programmed driver sequences for all of the displays in the kit.

What colors are possible?

There are essentially no limitations regarding which colors can be created and tones can be customized to match your brand. 

The standard color of Ynvisible’s electrochromic display is gray in its non-activated state and turns dark blue when energized. The new electrochromic color displays will also have a bright state and a dark state, but the color scheme of the display can be altered into a selected color by modifying the display stack.

ynvisible color display color variants

With Ynvisible’s custom prototype manufacturing service, customers can also choose from a selection of standard off-the-shelf colors; Grey, Red, Green, Magenta and Yellow.

Touch displays coming soon

The next natural step for Ynvisible is to add a touch interface to the displays. The touch display market was worth 4.3 billion USD in 2020***. Providing a touch interface goes hand in hand with Ynvisible’s efforts to continuously provide enhanced user experiences and product offerings for clients. Apple was one of the actors to prove that touch interfaces are highly intuitive, but the touch capabilities have been lacking for low-cost, and ultra-low-power, IoT solutions – providing a very exciting opportunity for Ynvisible.

For more information, get in touch with our Investor Relations team.

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