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Ynvisible’s 2023 sum-up and exciting plans for 2024

March 20, 2024

The e-paper display market is on the rise, with new use cases being discovered, and with more people understanding the benefits of flexible, sustainable products. In 2023, Ynvisible was approached by hundreds of potential customers, and worked on more than 40 unique business opportunities, most of which in sectors such as Retail, Medical & Pharma, Logistics and Industrial, where e-paper solutions like the ones proposed by Ynvisible have already proved their multiple applications.

The benefits Ynvisible’s e-paper displays bring to their customers range even beyond the most obvious ones. In addition to being a more cost-effective way of presenting real time information, they may also contribute to a smaller carbon footprint, to supply chain optimization, to delivering safer products to end-users, and even to reducing food waste!  

We do all this through continuous research and development, through strategic partnerships and with the help of a knowledgeable, experienced team. Let’s dive deeper into what 2023 meant for us and our customers and what we did towards our goal of delivering high value with a responsible tech solution.  

  • We launched a new product, the Large Format Digital Signage Display for Retail Applications

This new type of display was designed for grocery store retailers, and it provides an engaging way for customers to learn more about the products. It is highly customisable, it has an ultra-low power consumption, its design is suited for daily usage, and it costs up to 80% less in comparison to other reflective display technologies.

  • We received an important Purchase Order (“PO”) for the commercial launch of our sustainable Signage products in 2023

Last year we developed a large outdoor information Sign display to be used in various weather conditions, in collaboration with a European partner. We also partnered with one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies, marking an important milestone for our digital signage products.  

  • Interactive Indicator Solutions were taken to a new level

Digital indicators present immense potential and, in 2023, we were proud to collaborate with global leaders to design and develop:

-> A complete Maintenance Time Indicator to be used in industrial equipment

-> A device that activates biometric sensors on smart cards

-> e-paper displays to be integrated into fitness wearable devices

-> e-paper displays to be integrated into time/temperature data loggers

  • We closed several strategic Partnerships for Scalable Smart Label Products

-> Together with a major global retailer, we focused on developing an innovative smart label for supply chain tracking

-> In partnership with a global leader in labelling, we started working on medical labels for clinical trials

-> A collaboration was established with a technology leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) to create a full ESL solution for retail

  • Amazing people were appointed into powerful roles  

Our team is instrumental in Ynvisible's growth and success in the e-paper display market. We were proud to announce that Lúcia Gomes was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO), from her previous role as Director of Development and Prototyping. Also, our co-founder and former COO, Inês Henriques, was appointed Executive Vice-President of People, Culture and Corporate Affairs, effective September 15, 2023.

  • We’ve been certified as an Equal Pay company

In November 2023, Ynvisible was recognised as an Equal Pay company, for its good practices in promoting equal remuneration between our female and male employees. We are committed to providing equal chances, benefits, access to resources and recognition to all our colleagues, regardless of their gender, or individual identity characteristics.  

We are excited for 2024!

In 2024, we aim to further expand our customer portfolio, to develop new and improved e-paper display-based solutions, and to continue to make Ynvisible an attractive option for our customers and investors.

As we planned for the year ahead, we established ambitious goals to continue to develop as an organization and as a business. We will continue to encourage a culture that promotes a productive, efficient workplace, that provides people with opportunities to grow and collaborate, and overall elevates performance and cohesiveness. We will also be working hard to attract new talent and strengthen critical areas within the company, such as Business Development, Operations and Production.

With regards to the business, we recognize there are many untapped opportunities for our e-paper display solutions, which make this space very appealing. There are new exciting use cases for flexible, sustainable, cost-effective digital signage and smart indicators, and in 2024 we will work relentlessly to constantly innovate and adapt our products to our customers’ needs and requirements, as well as expand the business on proven use cases to other geographical markets.  

Last but not least, we value open communication and transparency. In 2024 we aim to more deliberately build open, trust-based relationships with our stakeholders, including investors, customers and partners. You can expect regular communications from us, as well as higher public visibility (make sure to follow us on LinkedIn) and, of course, available customer and investor support whenever needed.  

We are looking forward to 2024, and to every step it takes for us to be the top-of-mind option for innovators who want to boost their businesses through e-paper display solutions. If you’d like to learn more about how we could work together, please reach out to us!

Ynvisible Team

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