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16-Pin Adapter

The Adapter enables you to delve deeper into the possibilities of driving the display and connect it to your existing system with little or no additional components. The Adapter has a 16-pin ZIF connector that is compatible with all displays in the Segment Display Kit. Our display can be connected directly to most microcontrollers.

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€ 15 EUR

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Display parameters

White Reflectance


Contrast Ratio (Yb/Yd)


Angle Dependency

No, lambertian


300 μm

Graphical layout


Segment dimensions

1 mm - 100 mm

Response time

100-1000 ms

Power parameters

Driving voltage

1.5 V

Driving method

Direct drive

Energy consumption

1 mJ/cm^2

Pulse energy

0.25 mJ/cm^2

Image retention w/o power

1-5 minutes

Operating conditions

-20C - +60C