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E-paper Display Driver

Dedicated Ynvisible e-paper Display Driver with I2C interface. Compatible with development boards, such as Arduino, and comes with an Arduino software library to make it intuitive to drive the e-paper displays. The e-paper Display Driver has a 16-pin ZIF connector with a 1 mm pitch.

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Display parameters

White Reflectance


Contrast Ratio (Yb/Yd)


Angle Dependency

No, lambertian


300 μm

Graphical layout


Segment dimensions

1 mm - 100 mm

Response time

100-1000 ms

Power parameters

Driving voltage

1.5 V

Driving method

Direct drive

Energy consumption

1 mJ/cm^2

Pulse energy

0.25 mJ/cm^2

Image retention w/o power

1-5 minutes

Operating conditions

-20C - +60C