Enabling new applications with sustainable, thin & flexible, printed electronic displays.

Logistics Monitoring

Cost-effective, energy-efficient, lightweight and thin displays are bringing value in cold chain monitoring, impact detection, and various sensor threshold labels. The Ynvisible's display is an intuitive interface for visually communicating if something has gone wrong throughout the supply chain.

Smart label on dosis

Smart Cards & Labels

The market for various smart cards and label is booming. The ultra-thin and bendable display can be used for a variety of applications, such as dynamic CVV/CVC codes and other sensor readouts.

Consumer Electronics

Electronics are no longer only flat and wired. A flexible and ultra-low power display with multiple color options opens up for new form factors and design opportunities. Instead of using the old fashion segmented LCD displays, Ynvisible offer a more energy efficient and optically appealing alternative.

customer electronics display example
termo meter with Ynvisible display

Medical Technology

The environmentally friendliness, readability and bendability are some of the features making the printed electrochromic display well suited for medical products including inhalers, fever thermometers, disposable medical technology devices, and smart tags.


Evaluation kit

Evaluation kit

Ideal kit to explore our displays and get started in minutes

€ 190 EUR
  • 13 displays, 10 unique designs
  • Manual display driver including 3V battery
  • Arduino compatible driver with I2C interface
  • Pinhead-to-ZIF/FPC-connector
  • Instructions and support
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Custom display prototypes

Already made up your mind? Let’s make custom prototypes

Starting at
€ 2,500 EUR
Ynvisible’s segmented displays can be customized with a high degree of freedom. We manufacture displays with different sizes, shapes, and colors tailored for your specific application.
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