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Case Study: Dysten, a leading digital display provider for government agencies, fulfils client display needs with Ynvisible’s e-paper technology

April 4, 2023

The Challenge

The rising prices of electricity, especially in the last year, highlight the importance of minimizing electricity consumption. Within installations and systems such as Smart City Displays and Digital Passenger Information Systems, the costs of electricity are becoming increasingly important as a decision-making factor around what system to choose. Smart City Infrastructure and Digital Passenger Information Systems and devices are usually ordered by local governments, government companies (e.g. railway operators) and municipal companies, institutions, and local government organizations. Savings in electricity consumption across the sector translate into savings for all citizens. Digital Passenger Information Systems show travelers the classic timetables of buses, trains, trolleybuses, trams, or metro, which change infrequently. Therefore, displays based on electronic paper technology are an extremely interesting solution.  

For Dysten, it is important to find a way to reduce these costs to not pass them on to their clients.  

The Ynvisible Approach

One of the main characteristics of Ynvisible’s E-Paper digital signage solution is that it includes a simple large format display with digital and alphanumeric capabilities and has been designed for ultra-low power consumption applications. It enables, for example, Digital Passenger Information Systems to display content without using a significant amount of energy.

Minimizing energy consumption with the use of e-paper technology makes it possible to consider powering such devices using a minimalistic approach, such as with an autonomous system, a set of non-rechargeable batteries, or a set that includes solar panels and charging controllers. In the case of electronic timetables that require more frequent refreshing of the content (e.g., a bigger transfer station with a potentially large number of changes in the planned schedules), there may be a need for a power supply from a photovoltaic set with an accumulator, while e-paper boards installed at smaller stops with a regular network of connections (and therefore displayed content is updated much less frequently) can be powered from the battery pack. Of course, there are many more intermediate variants Ynvisible can offer that can be scaled and adjusted to the specific, individual needs of the client.

Alongside low power consumption, Ynvisible’s digital e-paper solution provides organizations like Dysten with the opportunity to show customers the information they require with maximum customization. Until now, the market has been mesmerized by the sophistication of state-of-the-art technology, which has proved inaccessible due to a high unit cost. Ynvisible is up to five times cheaper than the competition and it believes that dynamic information must be delivered in the most sustainable way possible, increasing positive customer opinions and saving organizations money in electricity and resources.

Ynvisible’s large format e-paper displays are ideal for public information displays and digital signage, particularly off-the-grid applications, that require changes up to a couple of hundred times per day. Overall, its e-paper technology offers the lowest power consumption solution on the market for these types of use cases.  

Although there are many e-paper providers, none offer the level of personalization that Ynvisible offers, and none at the same price point. Ynvisible makes it very simple to show content on the display. Overall, Ynvisible’s product is a very interesting solution that we will look to use in our portfolio — Dariusz Meiser (Director of Development for Dysten)

The result

In the coming months and years, Dysten will review and use the most innovative technologies for its Digital Passenger Information System which will include Ynvisible’s e-paper solution. Ynvisible offers customers full customization options at a much more affordable price than competitors, and its low energy consumption needs make its products the number one option in the current energy climate. Alongside this, Ynvisible’s e-paper displays perfectly fit into the increasingly important trends of the Circular Economy, European Green Deal, and Fit for 55.  

It is because of the many reasons highlighted here that Dysten has chosen Ynvisible’s e-paper technology as one of the solutions for its Digital Passenger Information and Smart City system displays. It is definitely a technology for the future! — Dariusz Meiser

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