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5 ways to use Ynvisible’s e-paper technology for digital signage

April 27, 2022

Ynvisible provides energy-efficient e-paper displays that are highly customizable and more cost-effective than other large-format reflective display technologies. As a result, our displays can be widely used across different sectors. Digital Signage is the one sector that can really benefit from Ynvisible’s e-paper technology whether in public places, transportation systems, stadiums, retail stores, restaurants, corporate buildings and more.

Many indoor and outdoor applications use our standard panels and customised solutions. Here are 5 ways in which Ynvisible’s e-paper technology for digital signage can be used:

1.   Retail

Almost every retail outlet uses digital signage these days. Digital signage is omnipresent now, whether used in back-office employee management or as outdoor signage. It enables retail stores to display dynamic content seamlessly to catch customer's attention. Eye-catching window displays or outdoor signage windows enable retailers to generate excitement among shoppers by featuring merchandise in vibrant and exquisite detail.

E-paper signages used in retail store

Ynvisible provides a more cost-effective option for custom electronic shelf labels and large format digital signage. Ynvisible printed e-paper technology is suitable for niche electronic shelf label applications, such as larger format price signs, product information shelf labels, and branded shelf stoppers. Our cutting-edge display technology improves the visibility of crucial merchandise, thus enabling retailers to handle advertising content in real-time. Our in-store displays present a sophisticated option for promoting brands, highlighting product features, and inspiring consumer choices.

Digital signage used in retail shop

2.   Passenger Information Displays

Digital signage at, for instance, bus stops improves the travelling experience by providing real-time schedule updates, bus routes, traffic updates, local news, and weather updates. Digital passenger information displays is a handy route-finding tool that gives passengers the ability to learn everything about arrivals, departures, and travel guides. The digital sign at the bus stop can also display various notices, like dates for planned utility or road maintenance.

Ynvisible e-paper technology for digital signage is ultra-low-power, has a wider viewing angle, and has high reflectivity. As a result, the digital signage at bus stops is perfectly readable in sunlight and from all angles. Ynvisible e-paper technology is a more cost-effective and low-power option that enables off-the-grid signs in new locations. The digital passenger information display signage can be powered by batteries and solar cells thanks to the power-efficiency of Ynvisible’s printed e-paper technology, which means that the cost of deployment goes down significantly as no cords are needed.

3. Scoreboards

Digital signage for scoreboards has become quite popular across a variety of sports. Gone are the days of using chalkboards or whiteboards to publish results. Updating the old scoring system to a new system can present your graphics and commercials in a much better way. Ynvisible technology enables portable, lightweight, and battery-driven scoreboards for tennis, table tennis, badminton, and pickleball. 

Pickletech is a technology company that provides various products and services for Pickleball, including portable scoreboards for different Pickleball tournaments and events. They needed more prominent and more cost-effective displays that were visible in direct sunlight. Ynvisible provided them with custom displays that are visually more appealing, have a smooth transition from one number to another, and a simpler driver interface than the E-ink displays. In addition, the displays were 7x larger and provided 60% more cost savings than their previous designs.

4. Airports

Airports are using digital signage to improve the overall customer experience. Digital signage can provide efficient messaging, real-time information, and personalised services. Digital signage can communicate flight schedules and delays more clearly to travellers. Ynvisible's energy-efficient displays enable cordless digital for temporary and permanent signage, such as wayfinding, time schedules, and more.

Ynvisible E-paper digital signage on airport

Digital signage can provide much-needed guidance to visitors in boarding the flight as it can be a bit confusing to navigate through an airport. Effective wayfinding signage in airports can manage the flow throughout the airport. In addition, an interactive kiosk with a detailed map can help visitors reach their destination more efficiently.

5. Road signs

The use of e-paper technology in traffic signs overcame traditional road signage's visibility and powering issues, thus improving daily transit and simplifying road sign deployment. Digital signage can reduce traffic congestion and improve overall efficiency in public transportation.Displaying real-time traffic information provides alternative routes with the estimated arrival time, thus saving time and making travelling less stressful. The cost of deploying digital signs in an outdoor environment is dominated by providing sufficient power to the right location. Ynvisible’s technology is sufficiently low power to be powered by solar harvesting and batteries.

Ynvisible e-paper used in Road signs

Exevio, a digital solutions firm, wanted to implement digital road signs to inform the availability of EV charging stations since the lack of EV chargers on the road causes congestion at the charging stations. Unfortunately, the only way to know the stall availability was by using a mobile app while driving, which could endanger the driver's safety. This problem can be solved by implementing digital road signs at crucial locations like parking entrances, intersections, etc., to inform drivers of the availability of the charging stations. So, they needed ultra-low power, energy-independent digital road signs to send out geo-location data. They chose Ynvisible to produce a classic yet engaging sign for EV charging stations. Our displays can show numbers, have low energy consumption, and are easy to implement and repair, thus having a low environmental impact.

Ynvisible's Single-Digit E-paper Display

Check out our single-digit e-paper display for your digital signage needs like price signage, queue numbers, counters, and temperature visualization. Contact us today to discuss how we can work together.

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