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The Ultimate Electronic Engineering Reading List

December 14, 2021

From circuits to components, electronic engineering is an important field that keeps people connected. Within an industry at the forefront of innovation, it’s essential that electrical engineers, design managers, and retailers alike, have up-to-date information on what’s happening in their world. Here, we’ve compiled the ultimate electronic engineering reading list which enables those in the industry to discover new products, trends and places to source materials.

Electronics Weekly

For key decision-makers searching for recent developments, news articles and analysis from leaders within the electronics industry, Electronics Weekly is the ideal solution. This magazine has been around for over 50 years, cementing its status as the oldest electronics magazine in the UK. Available to purchase in a printed format, as well as an online hub of information, readers can discover a multitude of topics, including upcoming events, virtual webinars and exhibitions. There’s also a price comparison feature for readers to find the best part price for their budget.

electronics weekly

New Electronics

Published fortnightly, New Electronics is dedicated to providing news on innovation and evolution. Primarily intended for design engineers, readers can find new product releases, technology developments and an insider look at the industry. Additionally, there are details on global design, advancements in technology and updates on suppliers. New Electronics features information on how the design and engineering industry is growing, with a focal point on research, testing and design within electronics and technology. New Electronics is published as a physical copy. However, readers can also download it via the website.


Design engineers can discover recent developments in technology, innovative insights and UK related stories in Eureka. Published each month, this magazine boasts an online community website, awards ceremony and live events focusing on the industry. 

Anyone searching for a design engineer within the UK will be able to find a contact via Eureka. They have the country’s largest database for design engineering, providing up-to-date details on those employed within the sector.

EE Times

Design engineers and management executives will find the latest global technology news and insights in the EE Times. The magazine contains expert articles and features, as well as information on business progress and development within the industry. 

The EE Times has a worldwide team of knowledgeable editors and writers who assist their readers in understanding the effect of changes within the sector and emerging issues.

Printed Electronics World

Printed Electronics World was first published in 2007, delivering the latest technology news each day. Printed Electronics World is written by IDTechEx who are key researchers on electronic technology. The magazine’s website features news of the manufacturing and development of printed electronics. 

Readers will find critiques on business development, press releases and case studies amongst unbiased commentary of the industry.

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