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Irreversible Pixel by Ynvisible

May 24, 2023

Ynvisible has put a great effort in research and development of a unique product that is now bringing to the market – the Irreversible Pixel. This creative solution answers a specific requirement expressed by some of our clients for a permanent, tamper-resistant visual status signal. The technology is distinct, yet it shares the following core DNA with our product line – it is a printed e-paper product that is energy-efficient, cost-effective, and customizable.

What is the Irreversible Pixel?

Irreversible Pixel is a unique type of electronic display designed to permanently display and record information, acting as a visual and physical memory. The Irreversible Pixel can only be activated once, and upon its activation, the display changes from a clear state (OFF) to a permanent black color (ON).

Opposed to other technologies, the Irreversible Pixel displays information without any energy required, making the information easy to read and tamper-resistant against malicious manipulation or system failures. Ynvisible’s R&D team has developed a distinctive chemistry and architecture that enables the technology to withstand high temperatures, autoclave sterilization, and ultrasonic cleaning. It can be combined with battery-less wireless energy harvesting systems as it only needs energy to activate. Finally, it is customizable in terms of size and shape, just like all of Ynvisible’s e-paper products.

Examining the graph on the right reveals that the Irreversible Pixel guarantees everlasting information display, while other technologies will gradually fade over time. Although optical memory is a characteristic of bistable displays (like electrophoretic displays), data storage will not be permanent and can be electronically deleted at any time. Another distinguishing factor that sets the Irreversible Pixel apart from LCD and LED screens is that the latter need continuous electricity to remain active.

Why is the Irreversible Pixel relevant?

Across different industries, obtaining reliable, embedded, easily readable, and secure status information for products and operations is crucial to ensure control and product safety. The challenge lies in finding suitable technologies capable of creating an on-demand physical and visual memory, and that is where the Irreversible Pixel is the optimal solution – it is electronically controlled, it is tamper-resistant, and it is compatible with a wide range of environmental conditions.

Irreversible Pixel vs Other Technologies

Irreversible Pixel – Applications

This technology is suitable for several markets, such as Healthcare, Medical, Industrial, Logistics, Authenticity & Security, among others. There are opportunities where this mechanism can replace existing applications or even add entirely new features to existing products, namely in those in which reliability and easy-to-integrate characteristics are mandatory. The following paragraphs highlight practical applications of the Irreversible Pixel:

Single-use Electronics

The adoption of Irreversible Pixel can reduce the cost of single-use electronic products with an embedded display. For instance, electronic pregnancy tests can utilize this technology, reducing energy requirements for the battery and the number of electronic components needed. The product becomes simpler to use, as the display retains the data for as long as the user needs to read the content.

Product Status Indicator for Medical Equipment and Consumables

Products that require extensive autoclave sterilization and ultrasonic cleaning cannot integrate a conventional electronic display, but the Irreversible Pixel can. Testing proved that the displays could endure thermal stress protocol at +140°C (+284°F) for over 20 hours, and withstand more than 30 cleaning and sterilization combined cycles. Thus, this display can be integrated with medical tools and equipment, improving patient safety and streamlining hospital procedures from tool management to procedure preparation.

Secure Evidence for Chain of Custody System

Because the Irreversible Pixel generates a dependable and tamper-resistant visual indicator, it is suitable for producing physical evidence for assurance systems and traceability.

Shipment Monitoring Label for Logistics

The Irreversible Pixel, when combined with a sensor, communicates visually critical information that is instantaneously perceptible for field workers who need to make decisions quickly for effective operations. Furthermore, because the Irreversible Pixel functions across a wide temperature range, it is appropriate for displaying sensor data required to track products and packages during transit.

Authenticity Indicator

RFID tags can be used in combination with the Irreversible Pixel to guarantee the security and authenticity of a product. Similar implementations can be used to signal the opening of a package or declare a product invalid if it is out of compliance or has been intentionally adulterated.

The opportunities for this technology are vast, so if you are interested, please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

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