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Making Things Alive Webinar Series: Webinar 1-Printed Electrochromics

May 31, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic several exciting industry conferences and seminars this spring have been cancelled. Ynvisible looks forward to attending these events in the future. To showcase recent developments we will host a webinar series “Making Things Alive with Printed Electronics” with some of our partners and other invited speakers.

​Our first webinar will focus on advances in designing and producing with printed electrochromics.


Host: Tommy Höglund, VP Sales & Marketing, Ynvisible

Speakers in order of talks:

  • Carlos Pinheiro, PhD, CTO, Ynvisible "Making Things Alive with Printed Electrochromics”
  • Anna Österholm, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at Georgia Institute of Technology”Expanding the Electrochromic Color Palette”
  • John Coyne, CEO, NXN-IP ”Electrochromic Polymers Changing the Way We See the World”
  • Ashley Colley, PhD, Creative Technologist and Docent at University of Lapland (EU co-funded DecoChrom project) ”Design Driven Explorations for Electrochromic Applications

Click to watch the recording of webinar

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