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Making Things Alive Webinar Series: Webinar 4-Printed Electronic Systems: Enabler of New Product Form Factors

June 30, 2020

Printed electronics is rapidly emerging as a key enabler for bringing everyday objects and surfaces to life. Printed electronic and hybrid systems offer many advantages to industrial design providing energy-efficient devices on film that enable a whole new class of mass-producible smart products.

The 4th webinar in the “Making Things Alive with Printed Electronics” series looks at the basic elements of printed and hybrid electronic systems, a revolutionary printed powering solution in combination with ultra-low power printed displays, and how these scale to high volume printing.

​Webinar Agenda

Host: Inês Henriques, COO & Co-Founder, Ynvisible

Speakers in order of talks:

  • Björn Norberg, Research & Business Developer, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden “Printed Electronic Systems – Perspectives from the Printed Electronics Arena Innovation Cluster”
  • Carolina Gioscio, Marketing Manager TAeTTOOz®, Evonik Creavis GmbH“The next thin thing - TAeTTOOz® printable battery technology”
  • Tommy Höglund, , VP Sales & Marketing, Ynvisible, ”Printed Electronic Systems: Enabler of New Product Form Factors in High Volume”

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