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The Best Printed Electronics Conferences

November 26, 2021

The innovation of printed electronics has led to a booming industry. The market as a whole is predicted to be worth over $23 billion by 2026, meaning there is huge interest in this corner of the world. Printed electronics conferences bring together interested parties to showcase trends, research, and current challenges within the industry. Here, we’ve put together a list of the very best printed electronics conferences, as well as further information about who’s involved and what’s on the agenda.


TechBlick hosts year-round conferences themed around emerging technologies, inviting OEMs, end-users, startups, and researchers to connect, engage and learn. They host specific events around printed, hybrid, 3D, and InMold electronics where attendees can hear from key players in the industry. All of their conferences and events are available to screen from home, widening access for anyone interested to get involved.


Boasting around 180 conference presentations, LOPEC is the leading conference on organic and printed electronics in the world. Organized by OE-A and Messe München, LOPEC offers support to every corner of the industry, including research ideas and manufacturing. The insights presented focus on industries that play a major part in printed electronics. As a driver of innovation, LOPEC has an online platform to complement its conference, providing presentations and expert panels. 

Visitors can establish and share information on trending topics, while a virtual panel discusses mobility and smart living.

InnoFest by PrintoCent

PrintoCent has, to date, hosted seven InnoFest events. These open innovation events aim to inspire, educate and create opportunities within printed intelligence. The events are often participatory, inviting teams to compete to cultivate novel printed solutions, present them to a judging panel and receive valuable feedback. On top of that, participants can listen to inspiring speakers leading the way in innovation. In addition to InnoFest, PrintoCent hosts a full program of seminars and webinars year-round.


HOPE-A looks at industrial and research organizations in Greece, as well as the evolving field of Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics (OEs). This conference focuses on the value chain of OE services and products within packaging, lighting, electronics, green energy, and much more. 

This International Conference brings key players, consumers, investors, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs and more, together. Topics discussed include strategy, policy, the evolution of the industry, as well as networking and business.


The Innovations in Large-Area Electronics Conference (innoLAE 2022) is about to enter its eighth year. Held at Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK in February 2022, this conference focuses on the most exciting aspects of electronics. Prizes are awarded to promising scientific developments, while networking opportunities are available for attendees. These include researchers, suppliers, manufacturers, and end-users. 

Topics explored at the conference include the development of printed, hybrid, and plastic products, lighting, displays, healthcare, automotive, packaging, and wearables. The innoLAE conference appeals to both industry and academic delegates, providing an important platform for connections and collaborations.


The IEEE Conference on Flexible, Printable Sensors and Systems (FLEPS) is held in Austria, providing a forum for researchers, engineers, and practitioners. Their ideas, findings, and applications are presented, showcasing the latest innovation in the industry. Not only does this offer a look at new developments in their field, but also an understanding of what the future roadmap will entail.


ISFOE is a large technology and science event specifically focused on flexible organic and printed electronics (OEs). The event promotes innovation and research in OE nanomaterials to nano-manufacturing processes and AI algorithms for producing solutions and applications.  

World-class scientists, key industry players, engineers, entrepreneurs, end users, policymakers and investors join together to exchange ideas, network and do business.

ISFOE is part of the hybrid NANOTEXNOLOGY multi-event, combining a live event in Thessaloniki, Greece, with virtual participation through online video.

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