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Segment Display Kit

€ 190 EUR
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We make it easy to evaluate the ultra-low-power segmented displays. The kit includes:

  • 13 displays, 10 unique designs
  • Clicker: Manual display driver including 3V battery
  • Driver: Arduino compatible driver with I2C interface
  • Adapter: Pinhead-to-ZIF/FPC-connector
  • Instructions and support
Open Display Datasheet
Guide & Instructions

Why Printed Electrochromic Displays from Ynvisible?

The Segment Display Kit is the ideal way to get started with our technology. You will learn that the Ynvisible Segment Display is the most energy-efficient display technology on the market for most applications. Learn more about electrochromic displays, their unique features, and how they work in our article about What is an Electrochromic Display and 5 reasons to use electrochromic displays.

Step-by-Step Guide

Full Step-by-step Guide

Driver Guide including Software Library

Open Display Datasheet

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