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Segment Display Kit

€ 190.00 EUR
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The standard segment display kit contains several different display layouts and a simple manual driver as well as a display driver with an I2C interface.

  • 3 single-digit display
  • 1 double-digit display
  • 5 single-segment/icon displays
  • 2 progress bars (7-segment and 3-segment)
  • Manual display driver including 3V battery
  • Display Driver v4.1 - I2C interface
  • Instructions and support
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Why Printed Electrochromic Displays from Ynvisible?

The Segment Display Kit is the ideal way to get started with our technology. You will learn that the Ynvisible Segment Display is the most energy-efficient display technology on the market for most applications. Please read our article where we compare our Electrochromic Displays with LCD and EPDs from E Ink.

The displays are also thin and flexible. The displays in the kit are approximately 200µm thick and have a very small bending radius. Furthermore, the displays are a more eco-friendly and sustainable option to conventional "hard electronics" displays. The Segment Displays do not contain ITO but instead use a polymer-based transparent conductive layer.