Electrochromic displays and inks

The displays are based on organic electrochromic polymers that are screen-printed on flexible plastic substrates. The main applications include segmented and symbol displays for ultra-low power devices.

Electrochromic Inks

The electrochromic inks are intended for industrial and academic R&D groups, as well as professional designers, who are interested in learning about electrochromics and its potential applications.

Product Comparison

Segment displayTransparent displayElectrochromic Inks
Key featuresRoll-to-roll producible
Multiple segments
Multiple color options
Symbols can overlap
Alternating symbols
For research
Technology evaluation
Main applicationsUltra low-power consumer electronics
Logistics and retail
Medical devices
Smart labels
Transparent interactive symbols
Color-changing surfaces
Decoration and design
Number of segments1-100< 10< 10
Switching cycle lifetime200 00040 00040 000
Bend Radius10 mm30 mm30 mm
Energy consumption / display update1 mJ/cm^210 mJ/cm^210 mJ/cm^2
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