Ynvisible Segment Display

Ultra-low Power - Thin & Flexible - cost-effective

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Ultra Low Power
Low cost
Great readability
Highly flexible design
Bendable & Robust

Typical Applications

Consumer electronics
Logistics monitoring
Medical devices
Smart labels and cards
Retail and Point-of-Sale

Buy Evaluation Kit

The best way to learn about the Ynvisible Segment Displays is by testing them yourself. The standard evaluation kit contains several different display layouts, a handheld manual display controller, and a display driver with an I2C interface.

Ultra-low Power

One coin cell - 50 years of lifetime

The energy in one single coin cell is enough to drive the displays for more than 50 years. Energy-harvesting via NFC and small  photovoltaic cells also generate enough power to run the displays.

Custom Segment Designs

The Ynvisible Segment Displays are highly customizable and tailored to the specific application and use-case. The display segments can be made in essentially all dimensions and shapes, and thanks to the flexible screen-printing processes, graphic overlays and colors can effortlessly be added.

Make Custom Prototypes

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