Printed electronics

key enabler of IoT

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) is driven by embedding electronic functionalities into all types of objects and environments. The key technological enablers of the IoT are enhancements in cloud computing infrastructure, wireless communications, microelectronics, and notably low power electronics. A key concern for realising a full blown vision of the IoT is how this can all be done profitably and sustainably. Conventional electronic components, their production processes and material sets are not suited for realising this vision.


Printed electronics uses new materials, with electronic properties, that are processable into inks and can be printed into thin layers onto flexible materials, such as plastic and paper.

ynvisible aims to be a leading company in the emerging printed electronics sector.

Main advantage of recent developments in printed electronics

The availability of new and environmentally friendly material sets for producing electronic-type functionalities on any printed item.

The ability to establish high volume production with low capital expenses compared to conventional electronic components.

Widely expanded range of tools and possibilities for low power consuming IoT product design.


What is electrochromics?

Electrochromic (EC) materials are organic or inorganic substances that change colour when charged with electricity.

Electrochromics has been successfully used as a dimming technology in rearview mirrors and smart windows. ynvisible wants to take  electrochromics to another level, by developing printed electrochromic devices that can be integrated into any smart product as a visual interface and can be produced cost-effectively in truly high volumes.


How it works


Electrochromic Layer




ynvisible’s proprietary electrochromic (EC) technology (depicted above) is printable on plastics or paper and can be the face of every smart product. ynvisible's interactive printed graphics are activated with a tiny amount of electric current and are ultra low power. They are microscopically thin, flexible, transparent, ultra low weight, yet robust. Based on a printed multi-layer architecture, ynvisible’s technology can be combined with inks and other electronic components into integrated systems, to provide total interactive solutions for a wide range of everyday objects and surfaces. 


ynvisible’s interactive printed graphics are produced using conventional printing and converting

processes such as: screen printing, coating, lamination, die cutting, etc.

ynvisible’s interactive printed graphics can be produced cost-effectively

in print houses all over the world.


Integration with sensors

ynvisible's electrochromic (EC) technology can be seamlessly integrated with various different sensor technologies. When combined with sensors such as motion, touch, temperature or proximity ynvisible's interactive printed graphics bring functionality and life to smart products. The capability to visualise information from the sensors and chips directly on the product enhances the user experience and maximises the communication potential of smart objects.


EC displays can be activated by motion sensors for use in activity tracking devices or for detecting impacts.


EC displays can be activated through touch when intent or interaction is required.


EC displays can be combined with timers or temperature sensors used for tracking the integrity of temperature sensitive products from plant to store to final use.


EC displays can be printed directly on RFID or NFC tags to provide an additional layer of security and the ability to display or prompt messages.


Our Services

ynvisible offers full system design, integration and production services led by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers and experts. Together with a network of partners, ynvisible offers everything you need to get started with electrochromic displays and other printed electronic components.

Applications & assessement

Design & proof-of-concept

System integration & prototyping

Production design & implementation

Commercial production

Get started

Order your electrochromic kit today or book an introductory workshop, and explore how interactive printed graphics can enhance your products.
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