New Generation Printed E-Paper

On March 15, 2022, Ynvisible released an updated display version with several benefits. This webinar was led by Ynvisible to introduce the technology for our new followers and present the recent improvements to our existing user base.


What you will learn

about ynvisible's product and services

We start with a recap about our company, our products, and our services.

Detailed review of the improved e-paper display

The new optimized e-paper display is improved in almost all aspects. We will go review them in detail.

what applications benefit from the improved e-paper

We present our four target markets and our value proposition in those markets and applications.


Jani-mikael kuusisto
Senior VP of Ventures & Director, Ynvisible

Jani will be our host for the webinar and introduce Ynvisible as a company and what we offer.

CTO, Ynvisible

Carlos will re-introduce our printed e-paper displays and describe the improvements of this new release.

keith morton
VP of Sales & Marketing, Ynvisible

Keith will speak about what markets and applications that benefit from the improved e-paper technology.

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Ynvisible releases upgraded version of e-paper display - what’s new?

March 2, 2022

On 15th March 2022, Ynvisible releases an updated version of e-paper display with several new and exciting benefits. This article covers all the significant improvements and how they might benefit your e-paper product.

Ynvisible will host a webinar to go through the improvements of the new e-paper display version in more detail and explain how you may benefit. Watch recorded webinar.

10x increased cycle lifetime

Cycle lifetime refers to how many times the display can be turned on and off before it starts to change behavior or degrade. The typical cycle life has been improved by a factor of 10, from approximately 100,000 cycles in the previous version to 1,000,000 cycles in this update.

The increased cycle life improvement enables more frequent-changing display applications and extended product life scenarios, which can significantly benefit digital signage and public information displays.

Lower operating voltage

Only 1 volt is required to activate the display to full contrast. The display can be turned off by shorting the electrodes (0 volt) compared to the previous version which required a negative voltage to turn off. However, the recommended operating voltage is 1.5V to activate and -1.5V to deactivate the display (previously ±3V).

This means that the Ynvisble e-paper display requires the lowest operating voltage of any display on the market.

50% reduced energy consumption

Optimizations to the display materials and structures together with lower operating voltage result in approximately 50% reduced energy consumption to activate or deactivate the display. This reduced energy consumption cements the display as one of the lowest powered display technologies in the industry.

Improved temperature performance

Electrochromic printed e-paper displays, as well as several other electronic components, are influenced by ambient temperature. Typically for displays, the switching speed is faster in high temperatures and slower in cold temperatures. Ynvisible's latest technology release has improved performance in cold temperatures - the displays are now operating faster in temperatures as low as to -20°C.

Enhanced optical quality and appearance of the display

Ynvisible is utilizing screen-printing as the primary production method. The new technology release has enhanced the print quality, resulting in better optical quality and appearance of the display. In particular, the display segments undergo a more homogenous color change when activated and deactivated, leading to an improved perceived contrast ratio.

Faster switching speed

The switching speed is simply the time it takes to turn the display on and off respectively. Faster switching is important for various human-machine interfaces where a user interacts with the display interface and expects a quick response. Ultimately, fast switching speed provides a better user experience.

Still ultra-thin and flexible

Although upgrading several features, the new generation display is still flexible and can be regarded as the thinnest e-paper display on the market.

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