What's new with ynvisible - an update!

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

It's time to give an update and let you know where we’re headed, so you can see what's been going on behind the scenes and what our plans are for the rest of 2018.

This update is comprised of two sections

  • A brief overview of ynvisible's technology and value proposition

  • An outline of ynvisible's strategic plan.

Led by CEO Jani-Mikael Kuusisto and his 16 years of experience in the printed electronics industry, the talented, experienced, and multi-disciplinary team at ynvisible are putting in place the necessary pieces to become a global leader in electrochromic inks and displays for printed electronics.

We make electrochromic displays for printed electronics.

The Internet of Things revolution is here. Sensors and intelligence are being embedded in practically everything. Many devices can capture data and communicate it later, but ynvisible’s printed displays offer the ability to display data, on the device, to the user right then and there, at a cost low enough for high-volume production.

In our fast-paced tech-driven society, the demand for a person’s attention is at an all time high. Making things as easy as possible for people has never been more essential. Our displays make life easy and give an instant, seamless experience when interacting with a product. 

For example: Temperature sensors spread throughout a factory and its logistics chain to maintain quality control, with ynvisible’s displays on the sensors themselves to indicate to local workers in real time the data being collected by the sensor.

ynvisible's electrochromic displays are printed displays using electrochromic inks; electrochromic ink has chemical properties which allow it to appear, disappear, or change colours based on the infusion of an extremely low amount of electric current. This means that feasibly every sensor, smart card, smart product, smart label, and smart surface can have an interactive display.  These displays are produced and integrated into the products by printing, at price points well below conventional electronic displays.

Imagine a world filled with communicating IoT devices in which the data exchanged isn’t just processed in a central server, but instead is dynamically displayed directly on the device itself in real time! 


  • our displays paired with an accelerometer in a shipping label to detect when it is dropped

  • a transit card that can display the rides remaining on the ticket

  • one time use medical supplies that clearly show if an item has been used

Any data captured by a sensor can be displayed with the sensor itself, updating dynamically to any changes in the environment, in high volumes!

Now, how are we going to make it all happen?

1. Scale up our sheet-to-sheet production facility to be able to fulfill customer orders and accelerate market adoption:

Our new sheet-to-sheet production facility in Lisbon is roughly 4 weeks away from completion as we are in the final stages of procurement and equipment integration. With this production capacity, we can move from 1000’s of units per order to hundreds of thousands of units per order. We recognize our clients’ needs for cost competitiveness and high volumes, and our new facility is aimed at solving those issues. Our new production facility will allow us to quickly iterate new designs to produce products for clients, and will immensely reduce the time and cost to get enhanced products to market. The new production facility will allow us to help product designers realize their vision for products, and help brands bring them to market in moderate volumes, as a precursor for larger scale orders. 

2. Keep working with high profile consumer brands to produce innovative end products:

We are currently working with several consumer brand companies to deliver exciting product innovations. At a competitive cost, we are integrating our displays into mass produced consumer and industrial products. We cannot disclose who these clients are at this time, but think packaging and labels, health care, IoT, shipping, and many more. Specific applications include status indicators, critical event monitoring, quality indication, and enhanced displays for marketing purposes. The sky is the limit regarding product possibilities; the focus now is developing the highest potential applications with the design teams at these companies.  We are also a leading member of the EU sponsored DecoChrom project that works with industry partners and universities to build tools that enable designers to create products with electrochromics. With these tools we can leverage the talent of design teams around the world to create innovative products that use ynvisible's technology.

3. Continue to innovate with new inks and processes:

In the near future, our goal is to capitalize on the strong demand for electrochromic products and seamlessly integrate the production of ynvisible’s technology within the existing print houses of global brands. Eventually, the majority of revenues will be made through technology transfer to existing print houses, as well as the supply of essential inks and components that are wholly-owned and proprietary to ynvisible. It is this broad IP portfolio and technical know-how that will make ynvisible a key player in electrochromic displays, and hedges ynvisible’s success across the industry.

We have recently created an ink commercialization facility in Germany to scale production and enhance the functionality of our electrochromic inks (more colours, robustness, plastic free, etc.) while also strengthening our IP portfolio and know-how. ynvisible is a proud member of INNPAPER which seeks to make printed electronics completely paper based and plastic-free. An example of our recent developments is our latest granted patent (EU 2821458) that combines the previously separate electrochromic and electrolyte layers in an EC device, into a single layer, making the printing process for irreversible displays much more efficient.

A dynamic display on mass-produced products is simply not possible with other technologies due to cost, energy consumption, and environmental concerns. Our slogan "bringing everyday objects to life" is fitting as we can create vivid interactive displays on practically any medium. 

Physical, tangible displays provide people with a natural degree of comfort and trust, appealing to human nature. 

Look, see, understand. That is ynvisible.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to updating you on our latest progress again soon!

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